Welcome to the thoughts of Jimmy Roland. Here you will get on the inside of my ideas and interests. From personal finance to video games, I do not plan on being very topic focused so please do not expect that. Please visit JimmyRoland.me if you are searching for any of my other websites.



What am I doing here?

I had a technical blog where I discussed programming ideas and progress of subjects I’ve learned through time. I’ve also had a gaming blog were I discussed the game industry and my ideas on games; being tied to a single subject, when I have many interests (cars, games, anime, fitness, personal finance, software, business, investing) stopped me from writing a blog as I was studying another. Everything here will be just a hodge-podge of my personal thoughts.

Technical Background and Education

My passion for video games drove me to seek an education in computer software. I attended DeVry University and graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Gaming and Simulation programming. Upon learning about the stresses the game industry causes on families, I decided that was not the path for me.

After graduation, my first career job was at a billion dollar company where I learned to hone and embrace my drive to continue learning and dealing with software everyday. While here, I started brainstorming about side projects and the direction I’d want to go in the future. My first couple of personal projects deal with helping educators handle tedious daily tasks. When I realized I enjoyed developing these ideas from start to finish, it helped me to sustain my drive.

Fitness Devotion

The pressure I felt during my junior year of college was immense. I struggled to maintain passing grades, and was further weighed down by the ever growing debt that I was accumulating. The workload was substantial, but the emotional and psychological burden was heavier. I discovered an opportunity to gain some mental clarity and vent some of the stress when a group of my friends began weight training at the gym. While I did not have much time to spare, I made the effort to allocate time for these sessions, and it quickly became my biggest reprieve from the pressures of school.

My Financial Journey

When I graduated DeVry University in 2014, I had double the debt of the average college student. We did not apply for the right loans and the school did not help us understand what we were really getting into when it came to this level of debt. The first job I landed paid higher than the state average and allowed me to muscle down the principle quickly as long as I maintained my residence with my parents. This four year period, soon to end in the near future, gave me time to reflect on the financial hardship that fell upon me. I wanted to learn how and why this happened and what can I do to avoid being put behind so greatly ever again.

Rich Dad Poor Dad was the book the took my interest in personal finance and laid the foundation and direction I would continue to move. Learning about John Bogle’s influence on the average investor and how investing can be made simple, using index funds, showed me improving my financial situation was possible. Understanding the spread on debt VS investments and how to maximize your net worth, had me realize that I can make up for the poor financial decision I made when I chose my education. If it were not for going to far into debt I would not have had such a hunger to improve my financial situation.